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Using the real daily currency rate

1. Setup the connector url

It can look like this:,usdclp&api_key=<API_KEY>

Where in the above example: - USDCLP is the currency pair name from yahoo finance - <API_KEY> is your API key from the onboard form

Test the URL in the browser to see its correct and shows you the data in JSON format.

2. Setup the data-transfer to your database.

In click destination tab and select windsor cloud database.

In connector url field enter the URL from step 1.

==== 3. Setup the new conversions

Go to

Enter your queries for the currency conversion. In this example we convert the costs from CLP to USD with this query:

SELECT, SUM(costs.totalcost/currency_usdclp.usdclp::DECIMAL)
FROM costs
JOIN currency_usdclp  

You can then select to visualise the results and save them in your dashboard.

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