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Getting your data into Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio requires you to install a connector.

Blended Data connector / Ad Data + Attribution

To get blended data into data studio from all the source we support install the Ad Data + Attribution Connector.

How to change field types to number or date etc.

Sometimes fields have to be formatted or changed from text to number.

It can be done in the following way.

1. Click edit connection after selecting “Resource” → Manage datasources

2. Edit the field type. In our example this did not work because the data contained comma , as decimal symbols and datastudio was expecting dots . So in addition to the cast we have to create a regex to replace the comma values. We use the formula which both replaces the comma with dot and casts it to number: CAST(REGEXP_REPLACE(spend, “[\\,]”,“.”) AS NUMBER)

New fields with the types and old field with the comma's also visible.

List of connectors

List of templates

Frequently Asked Questions

I have issues blending my data from connectors with Google data sources

Blending connectors with Google data sources in Looker Studio

If you join data sources to connectors which are developed by Google the types need to be cast explicitly to make the join work.

I have added one data source, how do I blend in more sources?

How are currency conversions handled?

How do I create a custom metric/dimension?

Which metric should I use for media costs, media spend?

How do I compare the CPA or ROAS on Google Analytics vs. what the platform reports?

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