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Database for caching purposes

General Overview

If you have timeouts in your BI tool (Data Studio, Power BI), it makes sense to store the data into a database first. Reasons for this behaviour include that your data is growing or that you hit limits in how often you access the connectors.

By storing the data into a database first you cache the data from the connector to the

You can then directly stream the data in a CSV or JSON format to your BI tool.

How to set it up

1. Create a windsor dashboard from

This will also create a database for you. You can select any of the windsor attribution dashboards. You need to have googleanalytics and a goal configured.

2. Check your dashboard once its created

You will get a link to where you can login and check it.

3. Setup the data transfer

Select “ Cloud Database”

4. Select the fields and create the table

When the fields have been filled and you press save it will create the scheduled datatransfer to the database.

5. Query your data in

After this you can start querying the data from the dabase. Once you have the query like you want it you can use the “Download to CSV” even as a datafeed for your other tools or then you can create a table and get it as a JSON data-feed.

Here is a video showing the process

Sample query to get data from Salesforce[Your API Key]

Sample connector query used[your API key]&date_preset=last_30d&fields=date,page_impressions_unique,page_engaged_users,media_type,page_id,page_name

Google Data Studio JSON connector

Google Sheets function used

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